Winter Blues Buster & Immunity Booster Special

Feeling drained during the winter months is common. Less sunlight and more time isolated indoors can take a toll. Luckily, there's something you can do about that!

In addition to exercise, proper supplementation can drastically help your mood, energy levels, and immunity health. Our high-quality, high-potency vitamin D injections deliver the proper supplement levels directly to your body for immediate use. The activating, healing, and relaxing effect of our infrared sauna completes the experience. Book your session below.

March 8, 2021
2:41pm Atlantic Time

“When I walk into Rejuvenate You it just feels very welcoming, very comfy, very cozy… Dr. Paula is always inspiring, happy, positive… she just wants the best for everyone. She always wants to help people and make them feel their best.”
— Amy W.

“(Dr. Paula) wants to veer away from the plastic cosmetics and do more of a natural, integrative medicine. And that’s what she’s got going on here... It’s got a good, warm, hospitable, welcoming feeling here... You just like to be here."
— Kristin B.

Dr. Paula Jones

Dr. Paula Jones, DO has spent 25 years on the frontline of emergency room medicine. Her commitment to supporting wellness and preventing disease versus only treating it after the fact inspired Paula to create Rejuvenate You, a physician-led MediSpa focused on proper supplementation and bodily restoration.

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